Tuesday, September 30, 2008

that does it!

ok i've had it with obama.

i'm voting for nader i decided. that will make 3 elections in a row.

i loved obama; i really did. and i really wanted to vote for him. i believed in him after i read his autobiography. and god knows i was proud he was a community organizer like me. i loved everything he stood for, until lately.

first he voted to excuse AT&T and all the communications companies who spied on americans illegally.
then he said nothing about all the HUGE corporate donations and back room deals at the DNC.
then he kept saying "mr. mccain is exactly right" in his debate, probably coached by some PR person. (grow some balls and tell mccain off!)
then he supported the corporate excess bailout.

i've absolutely had it with him.

i'm done.

i know folks will say my vote is worthless and may cost lives, but i'm voting for the revolution.

if nader had won in 92 or 96 or 2000, we wouldn't have had 9/11. he supported cockpit locks decades ago.

if he had won in 00, we wouldn't be in iraq.

if he had won in 04, we wouldn't have had a financial mess on wall street.

i'm using my one tiny little american vote for democracy.

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