Thursday, October 2, 2008

farmer's and new dates

last night i soaked in hot springs mineral water while watching a movie. only in california. then i'd step out of the mineral bath, really a small pool and into the heated olympic size pool to swim a few laps on my back and stare up at the stars. the place was surrounded by palm trees and i could see their silouettes against the night sky. really just stunningly beautiful.

i had been asked out by a local guy. tonight we met at a farmer's market (at the date stand) and walked around chatting. he's interesting but not my sexual type. i enjoy learning about local culture and he's very well versed in that. plus, he's athletic and outdoorsy which appeals to me. he bikes, hikes, camps, swims. so do i.

the san luis obispo farmer's market is the best one i've ever been to. they shut down the streets on huigara close the mission the town is named for. it's beautiful, i toured it tonight as well. a beautiful walkway and tree lined courtyard (with bare barked eucalyptus), lovely small garden with concord grapes growing on covered trellises. a fountain with a sculpted bear splashing children and fish. there were pomegranate trees, with their erotic pinkish red fruit hanging low, and all kinds of flowers, tall blooming hibiscus bushes - trees really!

last night, i was worried over meeting this new guy. but he was a perfect gentleman. he massaged my feet while we soaked and chatted. he was very amiable but i remained chaste since i wasn't really into him physically. i'm impressed with his idea for a first date though. it was quite a lovely soak! and simply magical to swim under the stars!

before i met him, i hiked at avila beach. absolutely beautiful! the harbor was full of brightly colored sail boats at anchor. i walked and walked the beach at sunset. high golden rocky cliffs and rolling green mountains sink into the sea there.

life is so sweet.

this afternoon, after work, i hiked moonstone beach and watched seals relax on rocks or ride the waves, their little heads bobbing up and down - hundreds of them. slivers of sunshine spiked through the fog. it was so gorgeous.

i feel so blessed!

the owners of the sustainable business where i'm working made fresh jam, homemade salsa (with garden fresh tomatoes, peppers and cilantro), and lentil soup this week. i've been eating well. they feed us 2 meals a day and give us a stipend for the rest. i can't believe i get to live in this charming town.

monday afternooon, i moved into the little cottage by the side of the inn. i sleep in the loft which is drafty but at least a little more private. and the other volunteers here (we just got two more) are very friendly and fun and interesting.

there is a young couple who are very much in love. they are at the stage where they can't keep their eyes (or hands) off each other but i heard her telling him off yesterday so i guess they are also having little lovers quarrels.

we have the most interesting guests who stay here. one british woman described suddenly getting vertigo at the top of the statue of liberty and the police had to shut it down and get EMTs to talk her down. she just froze at the top of the lady's torch and couldn't come down. it took hours and the whole park was shut down because of her. she laughed and laughed telling us the story. i love meeting strangers who are touring around. we get lots of europeans, (dollar is LOW!) belgians, aussies, french, a couple of netherlanders, a hungarian holocaust refugee, many germans and brits. it's fun telling them about the area and hearing their impressions of california. they all love it.

nighty night. i'm happy as a clam and off to bed. i'm touring hearst castle tomorrow with my new friend, a fellow volunteer. she's a friendly young woman, very feisty and hilarious. and even though she's young enough to be my daughter, she thinks i'm a lot of fun.

wish me luck. i got asked out by a college man and i'm going tomorrow, maybe. he said he i was a "sexy milf." ha! and a "cougar" experience. that just cracked me up! if only these young men knew what a good girl i was raised to be!

(wow! you gotta love this inn! it's a pension. and a really hot young blonde man just staggered out of his room in his boxers and nothing else, to use the wc. it's a great life.)

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