Friday, September 26, 2008

the way he fucks me

he grabs me from behind and pushes up against me at the side of the cheap motel bed. he pulls me close and growls in my ear "let's fuck a little, baby." i push back against him and feel his hardness through my clothes. i'm already breathing heavier just at the sound of his voice.

his knees part my legs from behind. through his clothes, he pushes his cock into the part in my ass and begins a slow fucking rhythm and times it with his kisses.

he licks my ear, bites my neck, whispers "take your jacket off." it comes out as a command. i like to be ordered around sometimes.

i slowly peel off my clothes while he watches.

i fall on the bed and he rips his clothes off. he's on me immediately. i love the weight of him, the way he presses me against the mattress. his coffee chest is so beautiful. i could stare at it and play with his hair for hours. he has the absolute perfect amount, not too much, not too little. it's dark now and i can't see it. this afternoon, i watched him while he undressed and marveled that i get to make love to him.

i suck on his nipple but he doesn't go for that. (my boyfriend does and i miss doing it.)

he climbs to the foot of the bed, parts my legs even wider and plunges his head in between my thighs. i feel him licking my clit, tugging on my lips, sucking my wet pussy and i get wetter immediately.

with every other guy, it always takes me a long time to get excited. with him, i go from zero to sixty in seconds.

i let out a long low moan. he pushes a thumb into my wet wet cunt, and i scream as i come. he wets his finger and pushes his pinkie into my ass and i scream even louder. he makes me come so many times i lose track of time, of where i am, of anything but his fingers and his tongue. i come and come and come and come. no one can make me come like he does.

i'm spent from coming and yet excited and ready for anything. i tug on his shoulder and beg him, "hold me." i love to be held after i come. and i love to feel his whole body covering mine. he sinks on to me. he whispers in my ear "i love you, baby." we lay holding each other while my heavy breathing slows. we clutch each other like lovers who have limited time do.

finally, he rolls off me and lets me lay on his shoulder. i start to touch him but he says, "just enjoy your afterglow, baby." i throw my leg over his. i could sleep now and be happy.

but the feel of him and his energy flowing between us excites me again.

we start rocking together. pushing against each other and enjoying the tension and release. push, rock, push, rock, push, rock. i can feel him getting hard again.

i climb on top of him and tease him with my body, my cunt rubbing up and down, up and down, back and forth. i snake my body up and down on him, massaging his cock with my breasts. he whines a little, "mmmmmmmmgggggggghhhhhhh." compared to me he's pretty quiet.

i'm playing it cool, but suddenly i can't stand it. i have to have him inside me NOW. i take the condom from him and roll it down on him. then take him firmly in my hand and push him there, right there, inside me. i love that first thrust, that feel of dick sliding into wet pussy, him so firm, me so soft and moist. he pushes up up up into all of me. i feel him filling me and i gasp. that first thrust, so mmmmmmmmm! there are no words.

i ride him cowgirl style, up and down, up and down his cock till we are both ready to explode. he's the only man who can make me come this way - through intercourse alone. no one's ever been able to do that. i'm shocked to feel myself coming again. i moan in his ear, "please, please, you're making me come again baby, please." and he knows that's his cue to fuck me harder, deeper, faster till i peak, riding him like a piston.

i roll off of him and onto my side away from him but close, so close. he snuggles up to my back and wraps his arms around me. we continue our rhythm, his hard cock pushing all up on my round ass, then pulling back, leaving me wanting him all over again, any way, any where, any how. i need him; i'm not satiated yet.

and that's when he says it. the thing that drives me crazy for him. "do you want me to fuck you in the ass now, baby?" that's what he does to me. he makes ME want it.

some idiots push a woman or threaten her emotionally. but no, he makes ME want him, there in my most naughty of places. he makes me want to do bad bad things. he makes ME want him bareback.

we get the lube. we're both well read on this subject and know it takes lots of lube. i love putting the oil on his erection. i love the feel of him putting lotion on my ass. he rubs in a finger and i nearly scream from the sudden, intense pleasure. he massages me back and forth, readying me for his much larger cock. i'm scared. but he's very gentle and he knows to go slow.

he's at my entrance and i'm guiding him in slowly, ever so slowly. then we begin our dance. careful at first, measured and gentle. then harder and more passionate, thrusting in and out, in and out. with each withdrawal, i push back against him.

his breathing gets more and more labored, heavier and i know he's close. "i'm going to come inside you baby, you want me to come now, baby?" before i can answer, he yells, the only loud sound he's made all night, at the same time as he plunges deep inside me. and he pumps a few more times as he moans.

then we fall back on the bed in exhaustion, each totally spent from the intensity. we are completely wrapped up in each other's bodies. arms and legs tangled together, inseparable, for the moment at least.

soon, his breathing gets slow and i listen to him drift off. i love that he's able to sleep in my arms. he's never been able to do that before, he says. and before long, i join him in my dreams.

we only have this one weekend. he goes back to his wife* on sunday. i leave for another city the next morning. our time is precious.

*we don't cheat; we're both in open relationships.

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