Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Moving Day: My Bisexual Blog now on Blogger

i'm moving my 1.5 year old tribe.net blog to blogger.

i actually started out on blogger 2 years ago and documented my first 8 months of moving to san francisco and living in 2 cities: both nashville and the bay area.

then i had a huge fight with my boyfriend of 6 years* and documented that online with some "pity me" posts and then i felt bad and then i erased EVERYTHING!

what? you say you don't want no drama. then stop reading NOW. i'm a proud recovering drama queen and i pull out her persona (often by accident) whenever it suits me.

but back to moving (both online and in person). i'm prolly too lazy to move all old blogs here and who on earth would care anyway. so if you wanna read archives, go to tribe.net

i LOOOOOOOOOOOOve tribe the bestest since it's so burnery but alas, with their new mgmt post about them getting only 1500 premium subscribers in 8 months or so i decided to get out while the getting's good. i'm still on there but mostly for my dose of freebootery.

the freebooters of the undecided lands are my compadres online. they have gotten me through a lot of shit! and i don't even know most of them IRL.
the funny thing i love about having an online life (OL) is that you can divulge stuff to your friends there that you might never feel free to say to your RL friends.

my OL friends have given me great advice through break ups, heart aches, family trubs, religious questions, health crises, ad nauseum.

i love them as much as i love my RL friends.

this makes me happy since i'm a community organizer and my fear was that the internet would pull us all away from community. but i see the opposite happening: that OL is making our world smaller, making us care more about global issues, making us kinder. (ok, there are still some dumbasses out there who will always be ignorant, cruel and insensitive no matter what new technology comes along.) but i have high hopes for the rest of us!

so hello to any new folks i meet here which aren't on tribe.

and hello to my old friends from tribe. i love you!

* yeah, my boyfriend and i are back together as polyamorous primary partners in a long distance relationship. (freebooters spell distance "distacne," which is worse than back acne.)
he's really supportive of me dating women and being kinky. but then again, he's unitarian.


Dawn said...

Hi! I am loving your blog and will visit often. I'm not quite sure how to add myself to your friends list or if there is a way I can subscribe to your blog. Either way I will be reading often. :)

kinnari kreme said...

thanks dawn; sorry it took me so long to respond: been so crazy busy with pride events that i'm just now settling down to read your comment.

don't know how to do friends on here either but you can join my friends' list on tribe.net if you want.

i'm the only kinnari on there.