Monday, June 9, 2008

too hot to trot!

i went to Bi-licious which absolutely rocked!

scott and paul wanna work with me so i'm totally pumped!

and i got to meet my lover's lover (we're all poly so who cares - no jealousy is the goal, right?) and really liked her. she had a piece in the performance and she was AWESOME! and very brave!

we had a double date there with my roomie "trouble" and his lover, my ex-girlfriend, ultrafuschia, and then we all ate at the little transfatfilled diner across the street: it's tops. (should be called: it's a heartattackwaitingtohappen). but it's a sf landmark and i almost always eat there if the three dollar bill cafe in the lgbt ctr is closed.

and yesterday, my lover treated me to the harmony festival which i'd never been to!

it blew my leeeeetle mind! and heart and spirit! with how wonderful it was! that was so effin cool! green biz, alternative music, hippie flower power, beautiful trees and cool breezes, grape flavored snow cones, sea water foot baths, naked hippie children jumping in hot tubs, stoned 3rd generation hippie parents right next to their kids in DARE t-shirts (OH THE IRONY!!!!), and plenty of clean bathrooms. sorry folks, but for me it was wayyyyyyyyyy better than black rock city! (no wonder - it was designed by a woman so they actually paid attention to things like how many toilets per person and were they clean???) i loved it.

my fave music was these 4 young women in the goddess alchemy project! they are amazing! my lover and i were just blown away!

the goddess temple was my fave place to hang out!

i loved the art by mark henson (in the transformative arts village) and so many others!

i wanted it to last forever and never go away. i wanted to just camp down and move in and stay forever! i'm sure we'd have our own hippie problems but i prefer them to the default world!

it was one of the best weekends of my life! everyone of my friends was worried i'd faint (and me too) so i stayed super hydrated, sat down in the shade a LOT and napped at home often. my lover was amazingly supportive! i'm really impressed with him.

i'm a kickass feminist and i've confronted him about anything that struck me as sexist, and right away he quits. i think he wants to keep me and he knows i no longer put up with misogynist crapolapepsicola. (sorry, i couln't help that. it snuck out. that's how i say it in RL - it's a southern thang!)

and this morning i decided to come OUT to my two closest sisters. (i have 2 more siblings who i'm not telling. screw em' they're too fundie!) actually they're all too fundie but my 2 closest sisters at least kept writing me when i spoke out about sex abuse in the church of christ. the other two lambasted me for daring to say that there's any problems with christianity! ha! what a bunch of hypocrites.

the blonde lady at this "2 women and a poodle: gay intro straight america" gave me the courage to come out to my family.

my tires are too deflated to bike, my car's registration is too out of date for me to drive (just made my appt with the DMV, those nazis of incompetence who keep failing to update my address even though i've done it online like a dozen times!), and it was too hot to walk to the y for my yoga class.

what to do????? what to do??????? i believe in exercising each day - it helps my psyche and my body mend and it gives me more energy.

so i just lay down and mistressbated all evening till my lover came.

i got my fan aimed at me, i got free amateur queer-friendly porn, what else do i need? nada!

ah, the good life!

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