Monday, June 16, 2008

Bisexual is food critic in Queer Women Of Color film fest!

Yesterday, I caught a rideshare (with a total stranger who turned out to be a really cool kinky dyke) to the Queer Women of Color (QWOC) Film Festival! I was very pleasantly surprised to see Amy Andre, bi activist, on the big screen; she was a food critic in a wonderful short on plantains called Mashed, Boiled & Fried (Margo Mercedes Rivera-Weiss, 2008) which was in the last series of shorts shown at the festival tonight, entitled "Delectably Yours" (shorts about food, family, dis/connectivity, and community).

Go Amy!

I was proud they made reference to the Bi community in several announcements that were made and in the choice of live performers before tonight's screening, an african/puerto rican bomba group.

Exiles, the BDSM group for queer women, was there. The Woodhull* Freedom Foundation was in the house. Horizons Foundation, which does a fantastic job of funding LGBT events, supported it. Astraea Foundation was there as well.

And Castro for All, an LGBTIQQ inclusivity focussed group that I didn't know about, sent a lovely man who spoke very movingly about American anti-immigrant policy (and the capitalist exploitation of undocumented workers as a result) being the modern day equivalent of slavery and how a QWOC film had raised his awareness about this.

If there are queer women of color readers who are interested in filmmaking classes, QWOC Media Arts Project offers them for free! Plus you can see vid clips on their site!

The founder, Madeleine Lim, is a Singaporean lesbian who's a fiercely intelligent, highly charismatic sexy butch and a witty emcee of the festival.

*One of my favorite books is the historical fictionalized account of Victoria Woodhull's life and her run for presidency, including an expose of her affair with Cornelius Vanderbilt and of capitalist titan "philanthropy" in general. Marge Piercy, the author, is one amazing and prolific feminist author!

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