Tuesday, November 11, 2008

madonna! "you gotta give it a HOP! tick tock tick tock tick tock!!!!"

oh my god! after my meltdown we had the best time! my lover had bought us madonna tickets months before it sold out.

so we left the halloween party after my nap (only to return later that night) and had a blast watching madonna rock her 52 year old ass off!

she's really just amazing!

i don't care if you hate her or her politics or her music or her fluid gender identity or her kinky sexuality or even her kiss with britney: GO SEE HER LIVE SHOW!!!!!!!!!

really, it doesn't matter what you think of her, you will come away astounded!

that woman can dance for 2 and a half hours, sing straight through 20 songs, get the crowd to chant OBAMA for five long minutes, and rock your little world whether you are a middle aged overweight office worker (like the women sitting next to me) or you're a teenager newly discovering "like a virgin!"

seriously, it doesn't matter what you have to pay, go see her if she comes to your town!!!!!!!! drive or fly a thousand miles if she doesn't. it's worth it!!!!!!

she's one of the best paid performers in the biz so she has the most baubles to play with. the best sound engineers, the best video artists, the best back up dancers.

it was like the best live vegas floor show combined with the video music awards combined with ten or a dozen of the best modern dance performances you've ever seen!!!!!

really, just astounding level of entertainment. she really blew me out of the water. i was on my feet dancing and screaming her name and singing the choruses out loud (with the other 50,000 fans) from the nose-bleed section the whole time!!!!!

wow! i'm still just blown away thinking about her and what she's able to do with her little bitchy, dead mother syndrome, catholic messed up childhood, angry father bashing self! she's just so goddamn kick ass!!!!!

she really is one of a kind and she's really changed music, and how we view female performers, and what we think of sex, religion, and rock and roll, forever!

my lover loves her so much that he cried through much of her performance.

his favorite song is "la isla bonita." and i hugged him while he sang along in his beautiful off key, out of beat, persian accented voice. i really just adore him. i can't help it.

it's little things like watching him watch madonna that make me love him so much. he just lights up from within. and he waxes poetic when he talks of how she's changed the world with her music!

on our "day of the feast of all senses" (a holiday for two that we just made up for ourselves), we used to lay in bed after fucking each other silly and listen to her videos and sing and dance along.

and he loves to listen to her lyrics about god and spirituality and obama. it really inspires him.

she belongs to the world and my lover is a world citizen, born in a capital city with 10 million people in the middle east, schooled in italy and canada, and well-traveled in costa rico, indonesia, brazil and countless other places.

i love him and i love madonna.

(and i looooooooooooooooooooooove justin timberlake! good ole tennessee boy! make me wanna dance and hollah!!!!!!)


R.E.II™ said...

I have linked to you as the bisexual mom...just a character in my story...should be an interesting story

R.E.II™ (The Missing Manuscript) said...

at your service

kinnari kreme said...

awww! thanks!