Tuesday, October 28, 2008

kahlua and (kinnari) kreme

i dipped my finger in to the champagne flute and wet it with kahlua and cream, then painted his sweet cock, dripping a little on his balls.

i knelt down to lick it off.

i kept painting him up and down, stroking and playing with him gently.

i was sitting on him cowgirl style as he lay on my bed, occasionally taking a break from my watercolor kink to lean over, kiss his lips, and let my breasts rub up and down his perfect chest.

after a while, he tired of my toying with him, flipped me over, and started fucking me right hard in my ass, which i've come to love. he's the first person i've ever done this with and it's really been fun learning how.

we've been playing with lots of .........well........ass play.

i think i've come to fetishize asses since they are just ever so naughty. and he adores coming in mine.

he's getting better and better. he was always gentle and sensitive and caring like a good lover should be. and he's always been amazingly skillful at making me come from any position.

i can't believe that after a year together, we're still discovering fun fresh ideas of what to do to each other in bed! we are really perfecting the ass fucking thing. he comes in very slowly, and holds very still till i adjust to his girth. and then when i want him to, (in fact, i'm begging him) he pumps in and out. sometimes he growls in my ear: "i'm gonna fuck you very slowly and torment you, baby." oh god, that just about does me in!

i can't believe he can make me come that way! last night, it seemed like his every stroke was making me orgasm.

damn, he's good.

i love my persian!

he'd come over straight after work to make sweet love to me and to entertain me. we can sit in bed laughing over silly little stuff for hours, discussing our hopes and fears about our careers, spiritual lives, kinky perversions, significant others, and what we're into lately.

he started taking level 2 of an improv class in the city. (San Francisco: for those of you who don't live here; that's what people who live in the burbs, like moi, call it.) i love to watch him act out various new things he's learned.

he was telling me all about this party he wants to take me to this weekend. he's so excited. he's been talking about it for weeks. it's an all weekend halloween extravaganza put on by friends of his burner crowd. tons of burning man campmates will be swimming in the heated pool, showing off their costumes, playing music, fire dancing, lounging around the beach house in the chi chi neighborhood in marin, and camping in the backyard under the (airlifted in!) royal palm trees.

oh and there will be nekkid hot tubbing; it still cracks me up as a southern girl, that all the stereotypes we learned about californians are so true; many of my new friends believe anything new age, are totally into astrology, and go swimming au naturel routinely. i love this!

he already bought his costume: he's going to be "sultan peppah!" ha! get it? he loves to play with language and speaks many of them fluently. he knows i find him irresistible when he whispers naughty things in my ear when we're in bed together. last night he was extolling the virtues of my ass in italian with a few french phrases thrown in. i love when he teaches me how to say naughty slang in another tongue.

daYmn, i'm happy!

the last few days we've been eating tons of indian food (we found a great place in my new neighborhood), slurping down mango lassis, fucking like rabbits (making up for lost time while i was on the road having adventures), and cracking each other up with stories of all we've been through while we've been apart.

he's also been helping me downsize from my 1800 square foot condo to a 100 square foot bedroom. i want to stay in just a small space when my kids aren't with me and i like communal living. so i gave away most of my furniture and belongings i'd accumulated since i moved to the bay area 2 years ago.

i can't believe it's been two years! i started housesitting in Pleasant Hill 2 years ago! then housesat in orinda and moved into the city to bernal heights.

i still have gotten clients from the original folks who had me out here 2 years ago, and am headed up to nevada city to housesit for the holidays. i'm so excited.

i think my kids are coming for xmas and if so, i'm taking them snowboarding in lake tahoe, just an hour from where i'm staying.

i also got a gig with a buddhist community in the gold country doing some consulting work. i love how one thing always leads to another for me.

i love being foot loose and fancy free. wheeeee!

all my life, i've been such a good girl: perfect wife, caring mom, loyal daughter to aging parents, hard worker. now it's my turn. and i'm having a ball!

this evening, i walked my adopted berkeley 'hood again for miles. i always discover something new! i found a toddler park with an art center. the kids had made these amazing photo collages of civil rights hero(in)es for voter awareness. there was frederick douglas, such a stunningly smart and beautiful face. there was malcolm x, elizebeth cady stanton, and many others unknown to me. (i'd never heard of alice paul so i need to read her story.)

the building was covered in murals the kids had done over the years, so colorful and cheery. watching the moms took me back to when my kids were little.

and i love strolling the blocks looking at all the different types of architecture, from bungalow to victorian. and the landscaping. it still blows me away that i get to live in this fabulous climate where lemons and oranges and bougainvillea bloom year round!

i chatted with dear friends and fam back home in tennessee while i walked. tomorrow's my birthday and they've been calling and writing.

just as i was nearing my house again, i stumbled upon a large, beautifully decorated brazilian dance center, holding capoeira classes right in my new backyard! yay!!!! i wanna take a class before i leave here.

last night, after we'd fucked each other silly for hours and we were both certain we couldn't possibly come anymore, he was talking on and on to me, just as i was drifting off to sleep...

i wanted to shut him up, so i playfully stuck my finger in his mouth. well, he began very erotically to suck my finger, up and down, nibbling and stroking with his nimble tongue.

(he's bi and has sucked cock very well before. this is one thing that i find astoundingly attractive about him.)

daYmn if that boy didn't put me in the mood again. i climbed on top of him and made him describe his cock sucking adventures while i lowered my lil cuntie down on his already hard again dick. as i was coming, he reached up for the crystal glass, took a sip of kahlua and cream, and kissed me with the taste of it on his lips, giving me a shotgun liqueur kiss! god, i love that man!

he's taking me to asiasf, the "gender illusionist" nightclub, for my birthday tomorrow and to a madonna concert on saturday. yay! will report back on my adventures!


R.E.II said...

Gender illusionists' make for a flashy, fun experience! Looking forward to your report!

kinnari kreme said...


will have to report instead on the halloween party which was infinitely crazier than i could have expected.

we never made it to asiasf! (but we did make it to madonna's concert!) another time!

(and yay! i finally have a reader! miss my old readers on tribe.net!!!)