Monday, October 13, 2008

how he fucked me - today

i love documenting my adventures. it gives me hope during hard times.

i snuck my lover into the hostel tonight. (he'd been feeling hurt and rejected and i adore him.)

you are seriously not supposed to do that.

i waited till the 3 british girls were at dinner. (i had suggested a restaurant and shopping area which i knew would take them at least a couple of hours and off they went!)

i planned his exit (if they showed up early) by scoping out the fire escape and the adjacent empty rooms with their open windows.

i'd brought my condoms and lube and carefully hidden them by my (bunk!) bed.

well, of course we were in flagrante delicto when one came back early. she turned out to be irish, not a friend of the others at all, unlike what i'd assumed. and she caught me, head between my lovers legs, and vice versa. oh, how very civilized!

the strangest thing happened. i was NOT terribly embarrassed. (my mother would seriously die of a coronary if she knew her southern belle was up to this amount of no good.)

i decided i'd rather get thrown out of the hostel than lose a good fuck. so i gambled my $25 a night bed on the fact that she wouldn't tell. and she discreetly went into the bathroom and started the shower while we finished.

except that she didn't take very long. so we weren't quite finished.

we were just both coming as she came back in. and my lover knows i make noise so he had his hands over my mouth trying to hide my gasps. well, that set me to giggling.

so here we have this innocent college girl (climbing above us on her bunk) whom i'm assuming is asexual since all she seems to do is read the koran and go to bed early, while my lover's hard on is tenting the sheets and i can't quit laughing.

we decided if she was game, we were, so we finished. ah, what a finish! never came so very hard from that position! (ass fucking is a brilliant invention! hits the back of the g spot if you do it right!)

i seriously could not stop laughing for a good long time. he left - after lots of naked scrambling around the room to grab his clothes and mooning "the good little muslim" as he called her - which is truly ironic since he jokingly calls himself a good little muslim boy when he's performing a particularly perverse sexual act which delights me. he was raised fundaMENTAList too though in iran so we have our intimate jokes about what our mothers told us would send us straight to hell!

i then explained to the irish girl that we'd been apart for several months while i was on the road and we barely had time to see each other before i left again. i promised he wouldn't be back and i apologized within an inch of my life.

she started laughing too and explained that if her boyfriend was here from ireland, she'd be doing the same thing so not to feel bad. what a sweetheart!!!!!!!!!

what a relief!

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