Tuesday, September 2, 2008

that's not me but...

this is pretty much what my tent looked like. i got cabin fever on sat am and left the playa for a day in gerlach. i accidentally left my tent open, wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open.

(really, you haven't lived until you've spent an entire day in a smoky bar with no wifi amidst the constant pinging of slot games with nowhere else to go since it's the only damn place with air conditioning and it's 100 fucking degrees outside but that's another story...........)

thanks to the kindness of strangers who closed up my tent so there was only an inch of dust all over everything instead of 3 inches.

"floss," a fellow burner campmate who got his nickname from the tan line around his thong, told me the way to salvage my pillows:

carefully remove the pillow cases; wash the pillows in hot water with strong detergent , then wash them in vinegar again, then air dry them a day or two. then throw them out.


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