Tuesday, September 2, 2008

posting from reno, post burn

Reno, Nevada
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my poor lover man is sick in bed, lying beside me naked, hot with a fever.

we were planning on having a little honeymoon before i leave again since we'd been apart during my travels all summer, but he's so ill.

poor baby.

i love him so much!
he's so adorable.

i love being poly.
i can love so many people and it doesn't diminish my love for others.

we got to spend sunday together at burning man after missing each other on friday and saturday.

but i got into more fun on those nights so i wasn't unhappy.

had a blast with my poly paradise campmates and got to know some really cool people and see world class art work. and i got a little crush on a fellow camper (who was gorgeous and gentlemanly and exciting) and that was so amazing.

half the fun of burning man is meeting so many cool, amazing people!!!!!!!!!

the art is just astounding but for me the sweetest thing is the sense of community. i met several folks, who, like me, are really into intentional communal living. tree bressen, a facilitator who travels the globe teaching folks how to build communities, was in OUR camp. and a guy from twin oaks in virginia facilitated a workshop on funology with tobias from germany who'd posted about qu!nks - the measurement of fun.

tomorrow i'm off to see my sweet boyfriend for a week. he's been working the dnc in denver, working 16 hour days and getting no sleep. he is a sound engineer and fronts a couple of his own bands and plays in his bro's band too, so he had nonstop work entertaining obama fans.

i used to love obama till he picked lieberman; ooh, ick. do we really need more old white men in office??? puhleez! i still love him as a person, (amazing memoirs!) but am doubting he's much different than most dems. still, would be awesome to break the hold of white men on the oval office. how powerful for our country to have a person of color in office. still, wish he'd have picked a woman to run with him and that he was more supportive of lgbt rights.

i have never had such a wonderful shower as yesterday (after packing up in the hot sun and cleaning up moop in the dust and a 3 hour wait on the exodus outbound)!!!!!!!!!!

after a week in the desert, running water becomes such a miracle again, you remember to be thankful for the little things.

my persian wasn't sick yesterday so we had ordered room service for dinner, enough to feed an army we were sooooooooooooo hungry!!!!!!!! onion rings and banana spits and salads and omelets, and.......

we lay in bed, naked and clean, finally, mindlessly watching tv, something we never do. (i don't even have a tv at home anymore.) it was fabulous!

i had the best burn ever. i have so many happy memories!

here are a few:
lolling around with other half naked campers on the big blow up
mattress listening to the funology session with great conversation
about the next big art/music-change-the-world festival - Wind fest
with turbine power. (reasoning: getting all four sources covered:
earth festival is rainbow gathering, fire festival is burning woman,
so we still need water and wind festivals.)

wandering around aimlessly with autowitch and tree on one of my first
nights there, not knowing where we were going but enjoying every
minute, allowing my case of "Burner ADD" to take us to whatever was

getting to know newcomers; getting to know regulars better.

showering in the hot sun, tits in the wind, and finally feeling cool.

not caring if my feet are muddy and my legs are covered in dust and my
hair is standing on end from playa "mousse". (this is huge for this
very clean girl. i'm starting to enjoy being dirty and camping out
since it's inevitably messy.)

roaming the playa with a pillaging band of paradisers which included a
demented scientist (dr. evil), a beautiful butterfly gone bad, a
handsome pirate who actually managed to appear dangerous despite his
lacy collar, a man confident enough to wear fluffy blue fur all over
(and not much else), and a slightly drunk yet witty ex morman. fun
fun fun!!!!!

getting stuck in the white out in center camp post temple burn with my
lover (who'd travelled to Paradise 3 times looking for me on foot all
the way from 5:00 and Jeep - for those who don't know playa mapping, that's a longass way!) while it was dropping down to 30 degrees;
huddling on the sofa with strangers for warmth and loaning a young
woman from denmark my sock monkey pajamas for her bare legs. it began
to rain during the dust storm so it was raining mud!!!!!

the strap-on-a-thon at camp beaverton!!!! joining in with 4 other
women to bring one woman to orgasm. group sex has never been so
tender and empowering!!!

dancing to "FIRE" with strangers and paradisers while the man burned.

walking all by myself all over black rock city, and feeling more alive than ever.

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