Monday, September 22, 2008

seals and babies and laundry on the line

i held a french baby named rose and rocked her almost to sleep in my arms. she smelled so yummy - nothing smells better than a newborn who's just been bathed.

i watched seals frolic on the waves in the kelp.

i got sand and sea water on my feet and splashed around in the waves in my flip flops.

i got a farmer's tan.

i toured an organic farm and picked tomatoes, red bell peppers, green jalapeƱos, lemons, limes, and oranges no bigger around than a half dollar but so juicy and sweet! the farmer had offered me lettuce but it was still too young. i'll go back next week.

i bought some more veggies, avocados and yellow crook necked squash, at an unmanned fruit stand, through the honor system, at a farm called dos pasos. i placed my quarters in the piggy bank.

i hung laundry out to dry which i haven't done since i was a little girl and my grandmama was in her 80's.

i sauteed my veggies in olive oil and sea salt. mmmmmmmmmmm!

i listened to french, german, spanish and the musicality of international speakers who know english ever so much better then i know any other language.

i love what i'm doing.

i'm wwoofing around california. it's an affordable way to travel. right now i'm on the central coast and loving it!

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