Sunday, September 21, 2008

diary of a former sexually frustrated housewife

tonight: i'm in a gorgeous charming hotel in cambria where i have an interview to do some WWOOFing (volunteering in their garden in return for free housing and food.)

saturday (last night): got hit on by a bunch of cute guys at a sexy kinky party at the san francisco citadel. and got to make out with this really cute young guy. he was so adorable and really shy. that was so sweet! left the party with my lover who expressed that he was angry with me on the way home since i had spent little time with him at the party. (i think he was jealous. but hey, we're polyamorous so we decided not to go together to kink parties cuz the main reason i go is to be with new people which is my fetish.) i love him so much and don't want to hurt his feelings so i apologized and made it up to him. i pampered him late into the night - we got a cheap motel (since i'm still "homeless" while i decide where i want to land) in the berkeley area and had fun till the wee hours of the morning.

yesterday (saturday)- had afternoon delight with my loverman before the kink party. he made sweet love to me all afternoon and that was fun. then i hiked in the berkeley hills - i love the parks there, especially the small one by the rose garden.

friday night: my sweet new friend (from the bay area bisexual network) treated me to a spiritual tantric workshop. it was very deep and i went into a meditative state while he was speaking. felt very healing.

she had me over for lunch beforehand and that was nice since i hadn't realized how lonely i'd become on the road. it's nice to do girl talk after doing without for a long time! my best friends for 10 years have been guys - my boyfriends and ex-boyfriends whom i'm still close with. i had a huge group of girlfriends in texas and tennessee and i miss them soooooooo much!

(just had a nice long conversation with my ex whose mom just lost her license. she's got dementia and the cops took her license away. he's having to care for her in ways very similar to how i cared for my father. and we were able to love up on each other over the phone. he adores my kids and loves to hear about them. he loves to ask detailed questions and is a great conversationalist. makes me feel very loved.)

that afternoon i took a very long hike all through wildcat canyon - my friend's house backs onto it. and there are trails everywhere. the sign said to sing out loud or talk so you won't startle a mountain lion. so i sang and clapped my way all over the canyon.

thursday night - was back in the bay area but was "homeless" - (see below).

thursday - shitty; had to get police intervention on my rental property since asshole roommate refuses to move out but is making the place such a mess that the other renters refused to pay rent. one of the other renters is truly insane; she stole my keys when i came over to check on the condo and evict the asshole. she then locked me out of my own condo to prevent the eviction when her wife had asked for my immediate intervention. a really crazy bitch! insane to the membrane! so the police helped me get all my stuff back that the woman had locked up inside my house which she wouldn't let me access! a real nutcase! she'd locked my purse and computer in the house and wouldn't let me in! she lied to the cops about the other renter so they would not allow me to complete the eviction without a court order. so now i've just decided to let all the crazy people live together and lose my deposit over this. they are all too much trouble and i don't want to deal with any of them anymore!

so bottom line - i had nowhere to stay since the roommate who was supposed to move out on the 15th didn't! but i'm glad i didn't move back in to my old place - tooooo much drama!

but i'm happy. having nowhere to stay bumped up my time to WWOOF - volunteering in return for housing on organic farms (or sometimes conference sites or hostels). and i've wanted to WWOOF for years!

my interview is tomorrow to see if they want to keep me and if i want to stay. so far i love it here - the people are nice and the town is absolutely charming! wish me luck!

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