Tuesday, September 16, 2008

franti rocks! "say hey!!!!"

Grrrrrrr! i'm so angry i could just spit tacks! my former friend and roommate hasbecome a total asshole! besides bouncing checks to me and then having emotional meltdowns (for which he blames me when he bounces checks and i confront him with the fees), he's now causing my subtenants to have to stay in the community guest house since he trashed the place so bad. according to them, he left a used condom on the floor of the bedroom where their son sleeps (i find that a little hard to believe so i defended him from that!), failed to flush the toilet after having a massive bm (ick! gross!) causing the entire place to smell, and his cat is wreaking havoc and messing up the place. and there are now fleas everywhere! GREAT! i could just kill him with my bare hands!

(not feeling like much of a buddhist today!)

he's such a sweetheart in person and such a sweetie at burning man. but i should have known better than to rent the place out to a person whose nickname is trouble!

arrrgggggggghhhhh! i'm so frustrated. he told me he was moving out on sept. 15; but yesterday he'd made no plans to move out, hadn't found a new place or packed up or anything. how irresponsible can you get? how can you have someone who functions so well at burning man who acts like such a jerk in the default world. he trashed his own room so badly that i couldn't show the place to sublease it. the maid charges $80 for the entire house and he charged $100 just to clean trouble's room since he'd made such a colossal mess. it took him 8 hours to clean one small room! it was truly disgusting!

ahhh, i'm sick of it! he's been causing me trouble nonstop since he moved in and i'm evicting him now. i'm so tired of dealing with his shit! i'm very angry that i have to spend my time dealing with it! i wish he'd grow up and act like a responsible adult!

back to my travelogue:

i'm housesitting outside Jenner, a tiny town on the Pacific in Sonoma, where the Russian river meets the ocean. Gorgeous woods but a little too isolated for me. i'm feeling my loneliness tooooo tooooo much out here in the woods so it's time for me to get back to civilization and hook up with my friends and my beloved community.

last friday, i drove home from yosemite after getting stopped 3 times by cops for my overdue registration. 3 times!!!!! in less than 24 hours!

speaking of acting like a responsible adult: i'm not one when it comes to registering my car. i'm always late! so now i have to pay hefty fines. the first cop ticketed my car in yosemite for "failing to properly store food from bears." that's right: i got a $100 ticket for leaving food in my car. i'd read all the signs and faithfully hidden my food each night from bears but on my last night there, i'd stopped at the lodge to use the internet. so they ticketed my car while i was inside. they were about to tow me just for having food in my car when i came out. when faced with cops, i've learned groveling is the best strategy. don't be cocky, apologize for whatever it is they are hassling you for.

and in the process of getting stopped and ticketed a record 3 times in 12 hours, i lost my driver's license. i think maybe one of the cops accidentally kept it. i contacted them and they said if they found it, they'd mail it to me.

i'm very bummed out about all of it. i was on such a high at burning man and then:

1. my roommate became unmanageable.
2. i got 4 tickets in 12 hours.
3. i broke up with my boyfriend.

i met up with my lover on friday night and we stayed at a friend's house in el cerrito which is right on wildcat canyon. they are a sweet poly couple i met though my bi activism.

we had mind blowing sex for hours then fell sound asleep in each other's arms. i adore my loverman. he's the most generous lover! and he just adores going down on me. he can make me come sooooooooooo many times it's really amazing!

that helped me feel better!

and we are really emotionally supportive of each other. he's deeply spiritual which is so important to me. and he's really on a path of personal growth - he's about to get his black belt in aikido. he makes beautiful websites for really cool clients. he is taking improv classes specifically because it scares him and he wanted a challenge. he already took a bajillion one taste sexuality courses. and he reads widely.

we drove part way up to laytonville for earthdance which he treated me to on sunday.

we found a cheap nice clean motel in some little town and had more mind blowing sex the rest of saturday. he's such a sweetheart! he loves to pamper me and take me out to eat and treat me to goodies. he's so sweet to me. he's kind of old fashioned about some stuff in that he thinks the man should pay for stuff. since women earn less than 70 cents on the dollar compared to men with the same education, i let him pay when he wants. but i cook for him and do little things to pamper him too since i don't like to feel indebted. and i like relationships which feel balanced.

sunday morning we got up and drove to earthdance, 150 miles from the bay area. we danced all day and night. my absolute favorite performer was michael franti!

what an amazing man!!!!!!!! he's uber hot physically but mainly he's hot because he's so in tune spiritually! he dances so fine! he wiggled his little fine butt back and forth while he plunked away on his guitar for a really cute song that had a great rhythm. his band is sooooooooooo kick assssss! they just tore it up. i was fresh from seeing my boyfriend's band and hearing his musicologist analysis of various players so i had that in my head when i listened to the keyboard, lead guitar, and bass players and the drummer. they were just astoundingly good!!!!!!!! we danced our little asses off and that was so inspiring.

michael franti works on all kinds of issues that are important to me: social and economic justice and peace and community building. AND he sang this song he'd written for his son (who was in the audience) about how much he loved him and believed in him. what son would not long to hear that from his father??? how beautiful a man he is!!!!!! beautiful inside and out! mmmmmmmmmm!

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