Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ahwanee Lodge

Ahwanee Lodge
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i love visiting old camp lodges. a couple of years ago, i went to the camp where roosevelt stayed on mount hood, outside oregon. it's so similar to ahwanee, which i toured today.

ate dinner here outside with the massive granite ranges in front of me tonight after roaming the halls and elegant dining areas. (and snagging a writing pad with the hotel name on it. whoohoo! unmanned conference areas rock!!!!!!!)

yummy artichoke and crab dip with fresh sour dough bread. mmmmmmmm

then i lolled around reading leisurely in the hotel lobby as if i owned the place. (i'm good at looking confident and like i belong in places where i haven't paid to be......)

then i hiked a short ways out back under the trees and granite cliffs (with strikingly sheer drops) and lay down on some soft grass and stared up at the sky.

now that's perfection!

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