Wednesday, January 14, 2009

banana split

he bound my wrists in the new purple fuzzy restraints we got in a seedy head shop on telegraph. he covered my eyes with the purple and black velvet blindfolds.

he spread my legs and i heard a "pop" as he opened the whipped cream and chocolate sauce. i felt a cold liquid on my nipples and then his warm tongue as he slurped up the chocolate and cream. then he kissed me with his mouth full of sweetness.

he kept this up all over my breast, chest, clit and pussy lips, tormenting me with his tongue, till i was bucking up to reach his mouth and crying out for more.

he tongue fucked me, reaching his mouth way up inside me and plunging back and forth as if he had his cock inside me. i was about mad with pleasure.

he peeled a banana and shoved it up my pussy when i begged him to fuck me. it felt so good, so naughty, so perverted, so right.

it was hard and soft at the same time, just like his cock is.

he licked and sucked on my clit as he pushed the banana in and out, in and out. i arched up to reach his tongue and moaned, begging him not to stop. "you're making me come, baby. oh please, baby, please...."

he reached in and sucked the banana out of my stuffed pussy. then, with his mouth covered in chocolate and cream, he brought his lips to mine and kissed me with the banana that had just been in my cunt. now that was dirty and raunchy and so wrong!

and i loved it. i loved every minute of it!

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