Sunday, August 3, 2008

the goddess must be crazy, drunk with love

my mind is still reeling, my body still spinning.

the persian was here all weekend. we did another round of "lay in bed and fuck all day" interrupted only by a few delicious meals, some light snacking, a lot of cuddling, and the occasional movie watching - all done naked in bed. well, except for the two meals we ate out: a repeat of the vietnamese meal we love - he gets beef sauteed with orange slices, and i get lettuce wrapped egg rolls; and today we tried a new thai restaurant.

he has the most delicious cock; i love love love to put that man's cock in my mouth and suck! and i really could just stare at his chest hair all day. his skin is the color of mocha latte, and his smell is so manly. i adore lying down beside him and putting my tongue on the inside of his arm and smelling him. mmmmmmm

and i love watching him writhe on my bed while i make him come, with my hands and tongue massaging his plum shaped balls, and and running my lips all over his body. we fuck fifty different ways from sunday. i can't even remember all the many ways we make love. we end up laughing and giggling so long in bed together. it's not like we have one session of sex and then we're done. we make love a million different ways (he likes to say a "brazillian" different ways) and then we come up with new ones each time we're together.

like today, we'd already fucked cowgirl style with me on top, and he'd already licked my pussy and expertly made love to my cunt with his tongue deep inside me. i'd already orgasmed a million times. but after watching a couple of youtube videos and making each other laugh like little kids with what we found (dancing hamsters, steeplechase jumping rabbits), he started bucking against me with his cock nestled in my beautiful ass crack. (he worships my ass and i love my ass too so we are both satisfied deeply when it gives us joy. we laugh and talk about it for hours. he loves it when i dance wildly with my ass shaking at the burner parties he takes me to. and i love that i have finally become the best feminist ever by stopping wishing i had my 20 year old body back and loving my 47 year old body just fine! he has really helped me be proud and love my body. and i've helped him do the same.)

anyway, there he was, fucking me from behind, not penetrating me but just fucking my ass with his cock without going all the way in. he had his arms wrapped so tight around me and we were moving in perfect rhythm together. his hands were massaging my breasts and i was in heaven. i just about lose my mind when he fucks me. he just takes me to this other place where time just stops existing and all there is is pleasure. and then i wanted him on top of me so i rolled over and pulled him to me. i love the sounds he makes when he's happy inside me or when we are making love without penetration or a condom. we found a new way for him to come today. and i loved it; it felt so good!

i lay on top of him and rubbed him up and down with my pussy and my breasts on his chest. he loves to reach up and kiss my nipples and bite softly so that i moan and while his lips are doing their work on my upper body, his cock is driving me wild on the lower body. he rubbed his cock up and down and up and down my clit. he didn't go in, just rubbed me back and forth until i was just wild with desire to be penetrated.

some guys are such idiots and so boring in bed. some guys have no creativity at all when it comes to making love to a woman.

my persian is a real artist though. and he lives for the moment's pleasure like i do. this is what i love about him. he never bores me and i get bored with men really easy. most of them don't take the time to make themselves very interesting. but my persian is fascinating. i adore him.

we tell each other stories in bed, long stories about this thing and that, a silly joke we heard and where we heard it, or something that happened when we were kids, and we just giggle like two school children, having a ball.

we watched two sweet movies today. we get naked and cuddle all up in my single bed. i don't know how we fit - actually yes, i do! we are practically on top of each other the whole time. he's such a sweetheart; some guys hog the bed; he always shares and makes room for me and hugs me tightly just the way i like.

our energy can go from sweetness and light to passion and fireworks in the breadth of a heartbeat. i love that. we both read energy and can tell a lot about how the other one is feeling.

i've never taken a class on tantric sex though i want to, but we've both done enough work on ourselves and read up enough on sex that it feels like what we have is sacred sex that reaches all my chakras and energizes them. my whole body just feels so delicious when we make love.

and afterwards, he's really good at the afterglow. some men are just so fucking clueless about the importance of holding a woman after she comes but he's really good at that. he NEVER leaves me hanging all vulnerable and body-lonely after an orgasm. that's especially when he loves up on me.

he loves to make me come. and he thinks as do i, that he's changed my biochemisty and my bodyspiritmind wiring. since he can make me come within seconds of touching me or kissing me, i agree! he gave me an eargasm today, by kissing my ear so slow and sexy. i was tingling all over, and pressing my body's curves all up against him. i love the feel of his arm on my cheek. i love to nestle into his shoulders and strong arms while he fucks me so slowly. mmmmmmmmmm i love how he takes his time and makes me come and come and come.

i've just never had it so good. i really had no idea such explosive sex was possible. i really thought this kind of thing happened only in the erotic short story collection i was addicted to: herotica, best american erotica, anything edited by susie bright.

but now i'm too busy having awesome sex to read them anymore. haha! that's too funny!

mmmmm i love my life.

it can be very hard sometimes.

i still get heartsick with loneliness for my kids.

i still have a hard time financially cuz i'm not willing to do jobs that suck my soul dry.

or where i have to suck up to some man just cuz he's powerful or some woman who knows less than me or someone who's arrogant. i'd rather starve.

i still have difficult situations, like this week my roommate bounced another rent check and screwed up my finances very badly; then he had an emotional meltdown and blamed me for it.

but, life is always full of challenges.

i've learned that from buddhism, that the rose always has thorns.

but oh that rose, that rose is so sweet, its petals are so soft, its fragrance so delightful, so airy, so sweet and tender, so fresh.

life is so full of sweetness, every where i look.

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