Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ananda Village

i visited here today. did yoga and ate delicious vegetarian dinner:

lentil soup, best ever!!!!!!! subtlety of flavor combinations

(note: i was surprised it wasn't vegan; cheese and sour cream were offered as toppings and they were yummy. lots of free range, organic dairies around here though....)

grilled zucchini with tamari sauce and olive oil and garlic

mashed sweet potatoes topped with white potatoes

homemade whole grain biscuits

and warm fresh from the oven zucchini bread for dessert

and yogi tea - my fave tea!

did a full hour of meditation there and i feel so much better!

i just envisioned all my anger and volcanic fury over incidents which cause me to want to spin off into wild emotions as a force of nature which could be tamed (or wild) and beautified. like the volcanoes which made hawaii.

i can either become as beautiful inside as hawaii or continually erupt in angry volcanoes. it's my choice.

i choose beauty!

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