Sunday, July 6, 2008

too too too much!

bisexuality shorts and documentaries, dyke march, pride parade, hosting another bisexual fundraiser, doing PR for the Bay Area Bisexual Network......weighing in on church scandals both in liberal and fundamentalist denominations, visiting more cohousing communities, watching fireworks in the fog at the embarcadero with about a million people, dancing till dawn at burning WoMan parties -"no, no you can't do it wrong at anon salon" was my fave rap song the other night!-that's what i've been up to.

oh and my lover's wife is out of town (we're polyamorous, not cheaters) so he's been here for the last week and i have him till friday.

so i've been an activist by day, partying at night, sexing it up till the wee hours of the morning, and now i'm EXHAUSTED! but i've got to run up to the crucible for the bike workshop today to volunteer. i love volunteering at the crucible.

more later!!!!!!!

(with plenty of pix!!!!)

another cool blog about the bi doc: Bi the Way

*i been way toooooooooooo bizzy to blog lately and stupid fucking blogger shut me out of my blog due to a technical glitch. but i checked the discussions at blogger help and found out this is not an uncommon thing for bloggers here. so i don't know if i'll stay here or migrate elsewhere! i love the functionality of this site but don't want to experience another almost 2 weeks of being shut out of my own blog so i may choose another host.

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